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Concert: Shai Hulud (USA), TBWCW si Take No More in fabrica

Una dintre legendele hardcore-ului, americanii Shai Hulud, vor canta in Fabrica pe 27 aprilie. In deschidere: The Boy Who Cried Wolf si Take No More.

Metalcoreul a cam inceput cu Shai Hulud, se numara printre primele trupe de hardcore/crossover metal care a folosit termenul de „metalcore” (o piesa de pe primul album)

Si daca te intrebai: „Is Shai Hulud a straight edge or Christian band?

No, we are not. As it states in our debut full length, Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion, as a band, we make no claim to any one creed, deep philosophy or religion; these liner notes, written by original bass player, Dave Silber, still ring true today”.

Bonus: The Boy Who Cried Wolf si Take No More vor urca pe scena.

Locatie: Fabrica

Ora: 21:00

Pret: 20 avans/25 la intrare

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