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RAMM-BRAND(t) – RAMMSTEIN tribute band live in Private Hell Club

Sambata 22 februarie, fanii Rammstein sunt asteptati in Private Hell! RAMM-BRAND(t) – RAMMSTEIN tribute band – revin in Bucuresti dupa o pauza de 1 an. Incepand cu orele 21:00, baietii va pregatesc un show „incendiar” ce va dura aproximativ 2 ore.

Suport trupa 15 lei
Partener logistic: Green Sound Team


Ramm-Brand(t) was founded in 2007 and active to date and appreciated by a constantly growing audience. The band’s name is a wordplay consisting of “Ramm” which is the abbreviation of Rammstein; “Brand” as brand or trademark, and “(t)” for assonance, obtaining the famous painter’s name.


Kozma Attila – ének/voce/singer
Csiszár Gellért – gitár/chitară/guitar
Müller Arnold – gitár/chitară/guitar
Dósa Levente – bass
Turcza Hunor – dobok/tobe/drums, sampler
Veress Albert – billentyük/clape/keyboard, sampler


Benzin (nou):
Du Hast:
Mein Teil:
Benzin 2:

Piese proprii

Das Trunkene Lied (nou):
Das Reich von Albion:
Meinem Leser:

Pagina web:,

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