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Nicolas Simion Group feat. Piotr Wojtasik (Poland) & Kruno Levacic (Croatia)

Duminică, 20 octombrie, ora 20.00
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Nicolas Simion Group
feat. Piotr Wojtasik (Poland) & Kruno Levacic (Croatia)

Transylvanian Jazz

Piotr Wojtasik – trumpet
Nicolas Simion – saxophone
Sorin Romanescu – guitar
Michael Acker – bass
Kruno Levacic – drums

„As the title suggests, this is a Jazz-World Fusion album by Romanian saxophonist / composer Nicolas Simion, who revisits his musical roots combining them with his extensive experience of playing Jazz music. Simion’s discography includes several earlier Jazz-World titles, but this one seems to be the most profound attempt to present the music of the Balkans in a Jazz context, performed by a superb ensemble, which in fact includes more folklore instruments than traditional Jazz instruments. Even Simion himself plays the caval (a typical Balkan / Turkish end-blown flute producing an enchanting sound), in addition to the reeds he uses normally. ”
(Adam Baruch about „Transylvanian Jazz”)

entrance: 25 lei
reservations: 0788 452 485 |

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